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FEM is an All-Levels Membership Community for Women to Explore Their Feminine Nature and Relationship to Men & the Masculine

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For a Feminine Woman… 
...there is no greater taboo on this planet… 
…than the truth of your own nature.
You are the living embodiment of paradox.
And being in approval of this truth… 
…is an invitation…
…to the
ride of your life.
Woman, you are here to be fully expressed in your Feminine. 
Anchored in your
beauty, your truth, and your creational power.

Say no more, you had me at Taboo!

FEM is an All-Levels Membership Community for Women

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The Beauty, Truth, & Creational Power
of Feminine Nature

FEM (Feminine Eros Membership) is an all-levels, online community where courageous, open-hearted Women can gather to explore the Power + Joy of their Feminine nature and their co-creational relationship with Men + the Masculine.

In FEM, you will be in the company of Women who will support and encourage you toward experiencing the fullness of your Feminine Essence.

Although there are aspects within this journey that may feel edgy and confronting…

Held within the center point are harmonics of deep joy, playfulness, beauty, and a return to the true nature of our Eternal Feminine Innocence.


You will begin to peek into the blossoming gardens of feeling besotted in RESPECT & LOVE for Men + the Masculine.

Your understanding of the RIGHTNESS and POTENCY of the co-creative principle of the Masculine…

in relationship to your own paradoxical nature… 


Will. Be. Transformed.


Your Heart + Feminine Soul will be gently, fervently, devotionally opened to Love like you have never known before.

Walking this Feminine Awakening path TOGETHER in FEM’s highly-potent, alchemical chamber will change you simply by BEING in the field. 

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Ready to join FEM?


Per Month


A Typical Month in

Inside FEM, anything you may “learn” (~remember~)… 

You already know.

Your Soul already has ALL the answers your mind is looking for, and this is why everything you will experience, remember, and practice inside FEM is designed to help you anchor your own gnosis.

In addition to ample opportunities to practice your
Feminine Creational Mastery, you will also receive:

💗 1 live
FEM TEACHING TRANSMISSION with Gillian each month

💗 1 live
QUESTION & COACHING CALL with Gillian, attuned to the FEM TEACHING TRANSMISSIONS most alive in the field each month

💗 Intimate + spontaneous G-SHARE Livestreams and/or writings from Gillian’s life, lens, learnings… 

💗 SURPRISE BONUS Content, embodiment experiences and guest teachers. 

💗 Access to the highly activating G-VAULT TEACHING TRANSMISSIONS ~ an ever-growing video library of Feminine Consciousness transmissions, including:

   :: Secrets of the Cosmic Sugar Babies (Parts 1 & 2)
   :: The Ladder of Masculine Abstraction
   :: Over-functioning: The Death of Allure
   :: Corset: The Art + Paradox of Feminine Graciousness
   :: The Art, Eros, & Spiritual Responsibility of Feminine Communication
   … and more!

💗 And regular, ongoing FEM-FIELD ENTRAINMENT to brilliant, succulent Feminine-Essenced Beings who grace us ALL with their magic.
This alone is life-changing.

What members are saying

I am just so grateful to be here in a space that encourages the purification of my being with such beauty. The ripple effect into all areas of my life is not being missed.

– B

I wanted to share, again, how grateful I am for the impact being in this space has made in my life, especially in relationship with my Lover. It has also impacted my relationship with my children (I have 12 and 15 year-old boys).

– K

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💕 You find yourself undeniably activated ~ or even triggered ~ by the words you have read so far…

… yet, you know the charge you feel is your Soul’s pull toward this work. 

💕 You feel weary, and your Heart aches from living outside of the truth of your Feminine nature…

…chronically over-functioning + forcing yourself to move through the world in ways that feel backwards, distorted, and instinctually wrong.

In fact, you’ve been living like this for so long…

💕 You’ve forgotten how much fun it is to BE a Woman

While you may not always know exactly how to open your Heart and play with Life through your Eros, how to feel yourself (or let yourself be felt) in your throbbing vulnerability and desires…

…you know that immersing yourself into a rich field of Women devoted to honoring + celebrating their Beauty, Truth, & Creational Power is key to unlocking your deepest remembrance of these codes.

💕 You desire to have a purified, Eros-drenched love life with Men, yet in the stillness of your Heart, you feel unmet + confused by Masculine nature…

…and this drives you utterly mad with longing and arrested desire.

Because instead of  ~ s l i n k i n g ~  into the fullness of your Feminine magnetism and effulgence…

💕 You compete with Him.

Although this may get your ego off, deep down, you know…

It DESTROYS your Eros and DEADENS your sex.

(Instinctually, you also know the medicine of Enchantment has a far greater effect on ‘the Masculine’ than attempting to compete with him — yet, you don’t quite know how to access it.)

💕 You recognize all the ways you ravage your Soul with over-functioning… 

…yet you sense that softening into Eros is the key to ravishing your Soul…

…to feeling luscious in your Body and deeply fucked open to God, to Men, to Money, to Life itself…

…and to the metaphysical penetration of your own Self-Love and Devotion.

Most importantly…

💕 You are ready to take FULL, spiritual responsibility for your lived experiences… and become the Woman who sets the tone for her entire life.
More powerful than your “story” or need to be “right” is your longing for this Feminine Eros-drenched life. 
It’s an ache that no matter how much you try to diminish or rationalize, it will not let you go…

…until you experience the spiritual and erotic fullness of your WOMAN.

And that’s exactly why you’re here now, still reading these words.

Something inside of you… just knows this is the place…

…this community of Awakening Women… 

…will help you liberate yourself from the stranglehold of painbody + the cycle of crashing into your triggers… 

…keeping yourself away from the very thing you most desire…

…and return to Love and Truth.

Woman, ALL of you is welcome here. 

A Sample of Themes
You’ll Explore in FEM…

FEM is an online community gathered to inspire, activate, and facilitate each Woman’s unique, emergent Feminine Awakening process.

Different from the structured and sequential curriculum in All For Love, our 12-week flagship course,
FEM will follow an organic… unfurling… Feminine-led path into the themes and concepts most alive in the field each month.

Here is a sultry sip, and a teeny lifting of the veils, of the types of topics you’ll explore in FEM: 

Feminine Nature & Creational Power: 
💗 The Mystical Service of Feminine Desire
💗 The Lost Venusian Codex of Graciousness  
💗 The Creational Power of Feminine Enchantment & Allure
💗 Artful Feminine Communication
💗 Flirting vs. Playing with your Eros

Spiritual Repair & Co-Creation with Men & the Masculine
🌹 The Father Principle, Within and Without
🌹 The Root Shadow of Feminine Disrespect
🌹 The Metaphysics of Penetration
🌹 Keys to Loving Imperfect Men & the Masculine 
🌹 Magnetic Polarity and the Co-Creational Principle

Like most topics we teach at Feminine Eros, this constellation of themes contains layers and levels, which we continually deepen into throughout the Feminine Awakening journey. 

FEM is a different online space…

A heartfelt thank you to Gillian Pothier for opening this space. I find myself overjoyed to read the posts, as the quality of women and reflection in here is above any space I’ve found on the internet.

– R.

While there are many lovely ‘Goddess’ and ‘Sacred Sisterhood’ circles from lineages that carry great wisdom and beauty… 

…the piece that is often missing (or only lightly touched)...

…is the journey into purified APPROVAL for the paradoxical truth of your Heart’s desire: to love + exalt the Masculine ~ within and without. 

Especially Men ~ our lovers and the Men of our world.

FEM is an altogether different vibe. 

In this community…

We do not hide, shame, or deny the TRUTH of our Feminine nature ~ we revel in it.

We celebrate our rightful

And we delight in the lost Venusian art of
SUPREME FEMININE GRACIOUSNESS. (Our one rule of engagement.)

Before submerging myself into this field, I didn’t realize how much I had been CRAVING this kind of unrestricted, unapologetic love affair – at ALL levels – with the Masculine. Living and carrying myself in this frequency has helped me step into a new level of Feminine maturity.

– K

Feminine Beauty… is elementally defined by how you FEEL. 
Because how you feel… is encoded in your frequency.
Beauty is an internal activation.
It is a state of consciousness, seeded within the immortal, alchemical Feminine.

And BEAUTY is uniquely yours… at the level of Soul Essence + WOMAN.  

Feminine Creational Power… has nothing to do with force, power-over, or doingness. 
Your power is sourced in your nature and your DIVINE ESSENCE as Woman.
You can shift the entire frequency inside of any relationship or system. 
Your true
BEingness is that potent.
Your POWER is not hindered by your Feminine nature… it is because of it. 

When you embody your Feminine nature and open your Feminine instrument (your Body) to what is
truth of your Heart… the truth of your desire… the truth of the moment, exactly as it is…
…what you begin to FEEL… is
Eros is being deeply penetrated by sensation (life-force), and your unique frequency of Eros –  that supple, erotic quintessence of TRUTH…
…and its raw expression is not only rightful…
… it’s deeply generative –
for you, for other Women, for the world… and for our Men. 

Being here has been the most exquisite Revelation. Thank you, Gillian, thank you Beautiful Women, for revealing to me – for the first time in my life – what HOME feels like.

– L.

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Deep in your Body, you already know this.
On a Soul level, you sense the
Beauty, Power, and Truth that is available…
…when you strip down to the bare-naked essence of your WOMAN.
You also sense the
Supreme Responsibility you carry, as an Awakening Woman, to free yourself of all lies and distortions around who + what you are.
Because here’s the deeper truth of why we are gathering in FEM, to awaken together into this reclamation + mastery of our
Feminine Creational Nature:
If we, as the collective Feminine, don’t find our way onto the path of this sacred awakening into the fullness of our WOMAN…
…the Feminine creature who lives inside of us withers.

And when the Feminine withers…
the whole world withers.

But before you can blossom into the full radiance of your Feminine Eros & Creational Mastery
there is a taboo
a paradox… 
a universal truth… you must be in FULL APPROVAL of. 
Because when we individually judge, diminish, or reject, this part of ourselves… 

It hurts us



Unless and until you exalt HIM
…you can never embody HER.

Remembering how to love, respect, and open to the Masculine… 
…in order to embody HER… 

is the deepest taboo of this journey.
(And the hardest pill for the Feminine ego to swallow.)

Yet the fact remains…

…without acknowledgment and APPROVAL of this foundational piece…

We have nothing. 

Because for this particular lineage of Feminine Awakening…

The whooooole energetic circuitry of ‘the Feminine’ is completely inseparable from Her relationship to
The Masculine Principle – both within and without. 
(Ahem ~ this is the double-helixed nature of the entire Cosmos, ladies… not just ourselves. 😉)

Being in approval of this truth is the
skeleton key to understanding and unlocking the FULL radiance + potency of your Feminine Essence.



Expressions of The Masculine Principle from the Terrestrial to the Cosmic 





Self (the inner Masculine dimension of a Woman’s Soul; Carl Jung’s ‘Animus’)

Mortal Men (Brothers, Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Friends, Lovers...)

The Spirit of Money

The Cosmic Masculine / God / LIFE ITSELF

Here’s another key:

Disrespecting the Masculine is actually SELF HARM.

Full. Fucking. Stop.

This is why every time you disrespect HIM… or hear your internal voice belittling Men… 

…blaming “toxic Masculinity” for the state of our world-on-fire…

…another petal of your Feminine Radiance falls to the ground.

Like poison,
this energy of disrespect is literally corrosive to your system.

But when your Feminine instrument is densitized or numb… 

you can no longer feel the physiological pain you inflict upon yourself.

You literally cannot feel yourself. 

As an Awakening Woman (especially if you are devotionally-templated), it is your personal responsibility (and spiritual privilege! 💗)…

…to restore this feedback loop + ensure it remains rightfully intact… 

…and to heal your relationship with Men + the Masculine…

…so you can consciously create yourSELF, your relationships, and your entire LIFE… 

…as masterpieces, from the deepest alchemical chambers of your Heart. 

The journey of
Feminine Creational Mastery is not about how well you can perform “femininity.”

It is about the potency of your Feminine Consciousness.

And while it may be hidden or obscured in the top-side, “solar” world… 

There is a path… there is a way.

FEM is an All-Levels Membership Community for Women


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Like so many Women in our yanged-out, high-velocity world, I know how it feels to deny the truth of my Feminine nature…

…to slowly
deaden my Eros… 

numb myself to Life.

Before I found my way onto this moonlit path of Feminine Awakening… 

…every day I’d step into the skyscraper offices of my fancy job as an Executive Producer, whispering to my inner little girl… 

“Just one more day, just one more day…
I promise.” 

And every day…

I abandoned my Feminine Body + Soul in the name of “having to survive.”

Over time, my Radiance and Eros began to calcify.

I became hardened, jaded, and over-functioning in my “independence.”

Not only was I living WAY outside of my true Feminine nature — I was SO not in approval of my desire to be led, taught, and guided by a brilliant Man.

(I later discovered this was for good reason… it annihilates the ego.)

Predictably… relentlessly…

…this rejection + numbing of my desire, the chronic “pushing out” of the very thing I most longed for… led to a dulled half-heartedness that began to poison me.

Coming to this awareness was a slow burn of deep remembrance; hundreds of illuminating micro-moments and years of self-denial + self-harm compounded, one layer after another.

Like the time I was in a blind rage in the middle of a Manhattan intersection, literally
screaming + fighting with my boyfriend, refusing his firm guidance to get out of the street… 

…because he wasn’t giving it to me “how I wanted it.” 

I refused his “imperfect” provision (which is to say… his penetration), even though that’s exactly what I desired underneath my painbody’s rage. 

With cars honking, taxi drivers yelling out their windows, and harsh lights flashing all around me, my eyes were opened to the sharp truth.

While I thought I was fighting with
Him… I was at war with myself.

There was this desperate part of me who wanted to let him take my elbow and walk me across the street, instead of recoiling at his guidance …

…and this other part who wanted to destroy Him. (Well… attempt to, anyway.)

Witnessing this chaos, deep inside I knew — something had to change.

I later realized I wasn’t looking for salvation from this Man…

I was aching for approval of my own desire to be loved, guided, protected, and provided for...

Eventually… slowly… I opened myself to the truth these moments revealed.

I had a choice to make.

I could either keep living in this world of hurt: a gilded cage of my own making, colluding indefinitely with the Feminine painbody…


I could live inside a different story.

I could remember… 

I could soften… 

I could open…

I could recode my Body… 

…and learn to receive…

…from Men and from the Masculine (including God and Life itself!!)...

…in ALL the ways I longed for. 

I could surrender my egoic preferences and allow myself to be ~imperfectly~ held, cherished, and led. 

I could choose Love…

I could choose

And so…

I resigned from my job.
I flew myself across the globe (several times) and sat at the feet of Gurus in India and sought out the most brilliant, Crazy-Wisdom infused therapists, Shamans, and teachers that money could buy. 

I went to graduate school to study Jungian archetypal psychology and the potently Feminine realm of fairy tale and dream. 

I began, ever so gently, steeping in the brilliance of Men.

My dentist, accountant, therapist, gynecologist, and yoga instructor… all became Men whose care and provision helped to recode my entire system and taught me how to receive.

I also allowed myself to surrender inside a loving, erotic frame held by masterfully dominant Men.

And the more deeply I submitted to my true Feminine nature (ushered by these magnificent Men)...

…the more I unfurled and blossomed into the
fullness of my WOMAN

Along the way, I apologized, cried, threw up, prayed, orgasmed, miscarried, begged, ached, and dreamt.

And slowly, slowly, like any journey of Feminine Awakening…

I returned home to ME… to the desires of my Feminine Heart… and to my own Love.

I remembered what it is…

…and how it feels…

…to rest in the TRUTH of my nature… 

…and to fall in love… 

…with being a Woman.

Understanding and embodying the quintessence of ‘the Feminine’ is the deepest heroine’s journey of a Woman’s life.

– Gillian Pothier

My Heart has been so expanded, so filled to bursting with the most profound sense of Reverent Awe, Gratitude and Love for these teachings and this field. You, Gillian, and the other gorgeous Feminine Beings in this group, have released me from decades of confusion, disconnect, and shame, and I cannot thank you enough.

– L


One of the reasons I adore this container Gillian has gifted us is because it's one of the few places where I can post in celebration of Masculine provision (and other Women will understand why I am wanting to share)

– V

Many of my friends outside this space don’t share my views on the masculine/feminine relationship, so this container is especially magical for me. Thank you all for being here.

– A.

I have to admit, coming into this group and reading all the posts feels extremely refreshing… feels nice to just be vulnerable and held for once, without any of the expectations, demands, or masks that are worn in all the other groups. Grateful for this space and embracing the feeling!

– K

Thanks to this space, I feel in touch with the Divine in a way that is now undeniable. I feel like I am stretching, opening. Thank you, Gillian, for creating a group of such a high mystical, magical, and dismantling frequency unlike anything I have ever experienced. *Deep Bow* to you and all the co-creative Women in the space.

– L.

The energy here lands the needle on the dial of 'fluffy vs truthful' smack bang in the middle; encompassing both. I love that you hold the ladies here to a standard in their interactions. I also feel more courage to drop more fully into my Feminine publicly, in part due to being inspired by the grace in which the ladies here carry themselves.

– L.

Thanks to this space, I feel in touch with the Divine in a way that is now undeniable. I feel like I am stretching, opening. Thank you, Gillian, for creating a group of such a high mystical, magical, and dismantling frequency unlike anything I have ever experienced. *Deep Bow* to you and all the co-creative Women in the space.

– L.

I love being in this community. It is a privilege to be connected with all of the wise Women here, who share such deep wisdom and insight with great tenderness, care and curiosity. Being in this honey pot with Gillian ~ our Queen Bee 🐝 ~ is activating so many layers of my mission here on Earth in this lifetime.

– M.

Gilllian’s work/medicine is like water for my deeply-parched, natural Feminine Essence. I have been practicing and remembering these truths and templates for the last 3 years and have found little honey pots of wisdom here and there. But none triggered or has activated more in me than Gillian’s work. And I’ve only received the free content. I can not imagine what a paid container would be like!

– A.

FEM is an All-Levels Membership Community for Women


There is a tipping point in the life of every Woman when you must choose… 

It’s either


You choose ego and painbody. 

You choose addiction to unhappiness and misery. 

And this is where things can get tricky.

Because the Feminine
loves to feel.

And misery?

It’s a huuuuge feeling ride for your system.

But the moment you choose ego over

…the moment you choose to sever yourself from the truth of your

…your erotic life-force… 
…that which animates ALL life (regardless of gender or sexual enactment)... 
We all suffer. 
And you… become a brittle, bitter ghost at the feast of Life.

It’s ego OR Eros, Ladies….
and you can only choose ONE.

– Gillian 

When you choose to remain tangled in the ancestral nets of a wounded Feminine line + your own unmetabolized anger or frustration towards the Masculine (aka: trauma or grief trapped in your cellular memory)... 

…your painbody
feeds on these archaic stories. (Even if they are “factual.”)
And sadly,
if you don’t interrupt the ride… 

It will rot you from the inside out. 
Your playful Enchantment will grow cold and harden.

Your radiant Beauty will sour. 
Your social posts and stories will become increasingly bitter.
Your painbody will engorge and grow to overshadow your Radiance and Allure.


You can choose to embrace the truth of your nature.

You can choose
Life… you can choose Eros… 

…and let the
succulent nectar of your Feminine longing and reclamation… 

…run down your opened, velvet throat. 

You can choose your sacred birthright ~ as Woman ~ to heal this world through the purity of your love, your exaltation of the Masculine, and your masterful embodiment of HER.

THIS is what you’ve come here to remember.

THIS is who you’ve come here to

So that in this field together, we may begin to weave… 

…as Women have done throughout ALL time and place…

The very fabric of
a world created in alchemical connection + love.

This is the true, ancient artistry of Being Woman.

This is the primordial power of resting in your Feminine Essence.

This. Is. FEM.

The upgrades to my being from just exposing myself to Gillian’s content and the Feminine Eros that pulses throughout everyone in this space is phenomenal, to say the least. So grateful for the wisdom here.

– S

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