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What the Ladies have to say about their experience in
All For Love...

How is life different since you started All For Love?
My relationship with my husband is so freaking breathtaking - we keep turning to each other and saying, 'how did we get so lucky?' 'How are we so fortunate that we get to live this life together?' I used to feel so unseen, misunderstood, angry, resentful, frustrated, dried up. This work has helped us choose to step more into who we were meant to be and we're gorgeous complements to each other."

~ Tori

​"I followed the call to join Gillian’s class, having never entered a ‘feminine space’ before.  I was a product of hardcore feminism and thought it my job to save the world. 

The results were staggering.
I was able to transition to a job where I am much happier and getting paid more than I have in my life. My relationship with my husband instantly changed and he immediately shifted even though he has not been involved in any of the work and I haven’t explicitly talked to him about it. He bought a house for me in the perfect location where I would feel safe with money that flowed in. To say working with Gillian is life-altering is an understatement. I am over-the-moon happy that I chose to say yes to this experience. I am calmer, happier, and more well-rounded as a human being for partaking in this experience."

~ Caroline

"How would you describe your experience of All For Love?

I don't even know where to start....the moment I entered the AFL field, i just felt this whole-body sigh, like I could finally relax. I got nailed in the most exquisite ways by the teachings and coaching.


I felt like I learned more and let go of more old, heavy baggage in the first 6 weeks than I had in all the extremely high-level coaching I'd received in the last 5 years. I feel like I can finally say that I am no longer a prisoner of my childhood as a result of the work around the Father-Wound / God-Wound. That alone would have been worth the price of admission. But more than that, I feel like I have morphed in front of my own eyes and, as my husband now has said several times, 'You embody love.' The feedback I get from the people in my life -- many people I don't even know -- is that they feel love from me, they feel loved by me. That is a direct result of really learning and practicing the pillars of All For Love and Feminine Eros."

~ Kristy 


"It has been such an incredible, transformative, life changing experience for me....on ALL levels...

Since working with Gillian, I have been able to speak up for myself, honor my feelings, have healthy boundaries, communicate respectfully, I have so much increased awareness now. I was able to end the sexually intimate relationship that was no longer serving me and the man. I also learned to forgive myself when he temporarily drew me back in with his skillful manipulation. I also now have deeper devotion to myself and God. 

I highly recommend All For Love! It has been transformational and life changing on ALL levels. During this journey, I learned how to be in a healthy relationship and how to keep the attraction/chemistry 🔥🔥🔥 long term. The insights, codes and activations from Gillian were so powerful. I was finally able to break free from an unhealthy relationship and toxic patterns that I kept allowing. I now have so much awareness and confidence now when dating. Dating now feels so effortless and joyful as I am able to lean back into my feminine and let the 'right' man plan, lead and cherish me. No more breadcrumbs, settling and over giving for me! 🥳🌹💗"

~ Cheryl 

"Pure alchemical magic. I’ve wept. I’ve laughed. And I also found home. How is life different since working with Gillian?I am able to pause and not operate out of pain body.

And the course has blown into the embers that were my marriage. Provided oxygen to love when Eros was being smothered out. All for Love has changed me and brought me to my knees. The transmissions rocked my entire world and reminded me who I am and always have been. Never in my existence have I felt so loved, seen, and understood. I am eternally grateful for this entire experience"

– Bethany 

"Life-changing. Stunning. It is the Supreme Intelligence of God moving through You and every single layer and aspect of the Field and everyone that is within it for the deepest, most Soul-Unifying Healing that I have ever experienced.

How is life different since working with Gillian?

My Solar Light Masculine came online shortly after joining All For Love which led to the awakening of my Inner-Christ... like just UNBELIEVABLE MIRACULOUS, MOST LIFE-AFFIRMING, HIGHEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME OF MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

What were the highlights of this journey for you?

Gillian's insight and masterful coaching. The transmissions and Gillian's "joyful effort" the whole way through. She is a delight and we are so lucky to receive from her and experience her!

How did you experience the Integration & Coaching Calls?

The frequency and duration were perfect and generous. They felt so loving and beautiful. I am getting teary and emotional just thinking about how beautiful this whole journey truly was, and how much love was there for all of us. The sense of closeness and community that was cultivated was so impressive and unlike anything else that I have ever experienced. I felt so supported and so privileged to be a part of this Masterful Work."

– Tijana

"All for Love is a journey like no other. You will be taken to the depths of your being, and have your shadows pulled up for you to face them, and in all this, or maybe out of all this, there will be so much joy and beauty to behold, and experience. Gillian is a genius and works a magic unlike any other. 


How would you describe your experience of All For Love?

Intense, mind-blowing, deep, many-layered, beautiful

How is life different since working with Gillian?

I feel like she has really brought up so many shadow aspects...I feel like it's so easy to 'do' polarity on a more superficial level. Also I have been stunned by how the classes have worked their way through my psyche and body, in a way that logically just doesn't seem possible. Gillian really feels like an angel of truth, wielding a sword of truth, in so many ways, and I so appreciate her doing this, and how she does this - completely inspiring!


What were the highlights for you about this course?

Everything Gillian said! But also the women's shares, both on calls and in the group, because they allowed Gillian to showcase her genius even more, in all the layers and depths. 

– Gwen

How would you describe your experience of this course?

This course has changed how I hold men and the masculine and how I hold myself in my relationship to them. I have healed wounds that I didn't even have awareness I was carrying. I am changed.


How is life different since working with Gillian?

The ripple of this work moves through the systems I am part of. My family, my work, my friends. I am stepping more into my purpose and my work. Sharing my voice and making moves that I have been procrastinating about for a long time. I feel the effect that I have on men. I notice how they notice me. Often unable to articulate what they feel, but they feel me. I am feel-able.


What might have improved your overall experience?

This programme absolutely delivered above and beyond any and all expectations and other programmes I have experienced before. There was so much value!

– Gemma 

How would you describe your experience of this course?

Life changing. My previous relationship didn’t last but a more aligned matched popped into my experience right away. My relationship with men in general is amazing and I feel so seen. I was able to turn deep pain into alchemical gold in real time.I was able to face a lot and be in my body. I feel there is also so my perfect teacher, perfect timing at play. I’ve been preparing for this level of alchemy and I’m here to play big. Gillian can match that energy and that’s really important in these kinds of spaces. Most importantly for me my relationship with work has gone through a complete transformation. I’m deeper in my life’s work and that’s really really important to me. I felt so lost and needed a mentor that was in the space and was operating at a high level. Like this space is the real deal and I was done with anything less. Now I’m about to launch this week an offering that I received the seed of in 2019. Thank you thank you.


How is life different since working with Gillian?

I’ve been able to receive life more fully as well as the masculine. I feel that my fear of intimacy is almost completely gone. (Something I’ve been working on for two + years) I embody and feel the deeper teachings in this course. I’m still unwinding money energetics but am in a whole different world of understanding why I’ve struggled to hold and flow with it.

– Rachel 

One of the things that made All For love so profound and so deeply altering for me was the way that Gillian holds other women. It is clear that Gillian is a woman's woman -- despite her teaching of "devotion to the masculine" -- it felt to me that she held every woman in the highest esteem. And this, in turn, really allowed me to feel into what it is to show up in my fullness, in my depth and beauty, and revel in all of it -- and be seen. I think there is a way that her teaching and holding of women is very much a reparation of the mother-wound. And this 'mother-hunger' that so many of us have is what can, later in life, make our relationship with men and the masculine so fraught. Gillian modeled for me what it looks like when a woman loves herself to her very edges -- and what is possible because of this kind of self-love. This was a piece I was not expecting, but it was everything for me.

– Kristy

I started looking into different spaces and teachers ever since my curiosity about Femininity began. Out of urgency really, as I met the man of my life (now my husband) who was everything I ever dreamed of and more and yet I did not know how to be happy with him nor why it felt like I was swimming against the current. I also was heavily over functioning after years in corporate and did not know how to come back into my body, nor what pleasure was. 


I definitely did not want to ingest any ideologies, that I would need to discard later, I was not looking for crutches either. I was in search of something that I would know in my heart to be true. And Gillian’s container was the ONLY place that was exactly what I was looking for, so exceptionally revolutionary for these times, with codes that are SO PURE. 


Coming into All for Love feels like we are being served many course meals and each ingredient is very carefully thought and felt through by Gillian and her team. Nuanced precision. I did not need to be careful with what I eat as each time it was sensational. Hence I could relax and simply absorb… And my Feminine Spirit moans and moans eating each bite. There was nothing to discard, and even my husband (who is a man of exceptional mastery) was absolutely amazed by Gillian’s work and was so happy I was in All for Love. We both were and are amazed by the transformations that are still taking place in our marriage. 


 I stopped getting in the way of my husband’s impeccable leadership which freed a lot of my and our time so that we could simply be happy and enjoy our life together. I started to absolutely love his manhood, his manly ways and his uncontrollability – which used to frustrate me and now it is an incredible turn on, like “wow, this is the man I am married to. 


My heart is blooming. A year ago I could not have imagined this. Gillian is an absolutely stunning human being with the greatest humility and kindness. Her presence speaks for herself. Exceptionally generous, gracious, and at the same time ruthless / always piercing with the sword of truth — which I absolutely love as it does not leave space for mediocrity. High degrees of her magnetism and radiance are dripping through the All for Love transmissions, which on their own are exceptionally transformational. (“women learn by resonance”, oh yes) Ripping away layers of falseness from our system (arrogance, righteousness, and entitlement to name a few…) – is an intense process and definitely not easy in my experience. 


Gillian’s unconditional love and “slowness” is so deeply nourishing, that even the hardest of swallows were made easier. It feels like All For Love container (as any other container with Gillian’s emanation) is encoded with a whole different language (that is immediately recognized by our Essences, hearts, souls) and hence the codes can be very quickly absorbed and a course as such can have such transformational impact in such a rapid pace. Forever grateful, forever cheering for You... fly on Gillian & Gillian team!"

– Gintare 

Why did you join All for Love?

I chose All for Love because there is only one Gillian. Her energy is THE most pure, rightful feminine energy I have ever felt, and this was through a screen. There is no one else out there that can gift us what she does.


Such an infinite blessing! I came here mostly for my man, for the mortal/cosmic masculine and myself but I ended up falling in love with the feminine. The women who entered AFL are such a magical group and no surprise there. 


Gillian's guidance has helped me shift some things I wasn't even aware I needed to shift. Her wisdom continues to improve my life in so many ways, I will be a forever student so gratefully learning and growing in the ways of the fulfilled feminine. It is such an incredible container in all ways.

– Sally 

How is life different since working with Gillian?

My marriage is blossoming and as I stopped fighting for the leadership position in our home, everything started to fall into place. For example we stopped arguing entirely. Our sensuality and attraction has grown and opened up. I absolutely love something I used to hate, which is his manhood and uncontrollability.

– Gintare 

How would you describe your experience of this course?
My attendance in this course was MIND BLOWINGLY divinely guided. It was a return home to me. It guided me to exactly where I desired to be....reclamation of ME.


Now, I trust my guidance. I trust life. I am no longer an orphan. I know I am a beloved child of the holy father and holy motherChelsea 

– Katie 

I have a deeper appreciation for myself and God and my ability to feel love. The field felt gorgeous.

– Jane

What were the highlights of this journey for you?

The whole thing was a masterpiece. I loved how all the different pieces of the journey supported each other to create a really comprehensive experience. This is deep work and I respect that Gillian acknowledges that. She’s the real deal.

– Anne

How would you describe your experience of this course?

I am honestly speechless. I didn't have expectations, I just blindly followed my intuition. The word WOW sums it up well! I LOVE this field!!

– Maddalena

How would you describe your experience of this course?

Overall I don't have words to convey the shift that my spirit has moved through - it's pure magic, really. It was more challenging than I expected, but that's why I've grown so much! In hindsight, every trigger was perfected and a gift of Gold.

– Alexandra

Content-wise it was truly the best course (feels strange to call it a course) I've done - so deep and revealing and interesting. I also really enjoyed each recording - I looked forward to watching them and was enraptured throughout - time would pass in a flash!

– Georgina 

“Gillian is a true genius in this field. Her space holding, teachings, and transmission of the possibility of Feminine power are masterful.”
– Nicole


All For Love 2023 

Now at Early Bird Pricing

A Journey Into the Deep Feminine
& Exalted Masculine

March 15th

All For Love is a 12-Week guided spiritual journey for women that will unlock the deep truth of your Creational Power as a Feminine Being in Love and in Life… incognito as a course on the internet ;) 

When does All For Love 2023 begin?

We begin on March 15th

A Very Special Feature of this All For Love!
A super special feature of this upcoming All For Love is that Gillian will be teaching more than half of the transmissions LIVE as part of our commitment to refining and refreshing the existing (amazing) content. We won’t be losing any of the content gems…but more so, rearchitecting the journey to allow for even more elegance and activation in the unlocking of these deeper Feminine Harmonics across time.

What is the duration of All for Love?

All For Love is designed to be a highly practical, deeply mystical 3-month ride.
The All For Love field will be open (and popping!) for approximately
3-1/2 months....from Mid March through the end of June. 

Access to Live and Pre-Recorded Content:
You will then have access to all the recorded content until the next round of All For Love begins (sometime in the early Fall), so that you may move through the content at a pace that feels most nourishing to your own system. 

A Sweet Little Bonus....
During All For Love, 3 months free of FEM: Feminine Eros Membership.
All the ladies within All For Love will be invited into Gillian's Membership Community (FEM: Feminine Eros Membership) for the duration of the AFL flight time.
Your membership to FEM will be included for 3 months, and will then be priced at $44/month.

While journeying together inside of All For Love is deeply encouraged, you will also have all the content pieces to follow your own timing through the moonlit All For Love magic.  All content will be recorded and remain easily accessible until the next AFL in Fall 2023. 

Reserve Your Spot in All For Love 2023 (at the 2022 price point! )


One Time Payment


for 12 months

Extended payment plans at the $3333 price and scholarships (by application) for those truly in need will be available in 2023.
Please reach out to for additional information. 

Community Integration and Q+A:
We will be flowing in special integration sessions to support you in your personal journey, relationship, and/or address questions that may be arising for you. This means that Gillian will be meeting you in LIVE coaching and integration sessions no matter where you are in the All For Love flow. 
These sessions will include Gillian's 'energetic heat-seeking missile' coaching spotlights.

Special Experiences inside of All For Love: 

You will be invited to magical Pop-Up "MistressClasses", embodiment rituals, and/or additional experiences and content that Gillian senses would be beautiful and/or nourishing activations for the field. This will include cameo appearances from some of the incredible women whose transmissions and/or embodiment frequencies have been meaningful for Gillian in her own journey.


While All For Love is designed to carry a deeply healing function for women (and their families), this content is activating.

If you have known unmetabolized trauma around men and the co-creational principle of "the Masculine", All For Love may truly be quite confronting and/or reflexively triggering for you. Please be sure you are appropriately resourced with loved ones and/or your own Jedi team of healers and counsel. 

Gillian will not rescue you from your grief, remorse or lament.
She will love you in and through it… but she will not spare you from this descent as this is a life-affirming aspect of your own Heroine's Journey of Remembrance and Feminine Awakening.


Please feel free to email our team should you have any specific questions.

Ready for a small taste of Gillian's field?

Join her highly-curated free Facebook Group: Feminine Eros with Gillian Pothier or check out her growing collection of 60+ essays on her site. 

"Thank God for this group. This is the most brilliant feminine frequency.

I can't believe how beautifully you've curated this group. To be in the field of Gillian and other devotionally templated women is such a joy".

257253745_1015994309324885_3864231373958569144_n (3)_edited.jpg

Curriculum Overview

While most Course Offering pages provide a detailed curriculum that describes each module and how it benefits you, this is a Feminine emergent process… and we don’t do that around here. ;) 
All For Love is a FEMININE JOURNEY, and there is no need for you to look ahead or get stuck in the mental gates of your thinking function.  
Instead, here is a sultry teeny lifting of the veils of the 3 ‘teaching pillars’ of All For Love.
(All of which is subject to change, of course...) 

The Flames of Purification: Eternal Feminine Innocence, The Root Shadow of Personal and Collective Feminine Disrespect, Spiritual Cockblocking,

The Metaphysics of Penetration, The Lifeforce of Feminine Receptivity,

The Instinct-Injured Feminine, The Lost Venusian Codex of Graciousness. 


The Art of Feminine Enchantment: The Mystical Service of Feminine Desire, The High Art of Muse Consciousness, The Creational Power of Feminine Allure, Circulating the Light of the Masculine, The 2 Pillars of Artful Feminine Communication, Cosmic Sugar Babies, Flirting vs. Playing with your Eros.


The Homecoming: Devotion to Self and the Feminine (Filling your Golden Chalice), Devotion to God and to Life, God Trauma and the Holy Father, Devotion to Imperfect Men and the Masculine), Golden Cock Worship, Serving the Masculine, Receiving Devotional Love from Imperfect Men, Mystical Electro-Magnetic Polarity. 


Are You Addicted to Your Own Unhappiness?

There is a tipping point in the life of all women when we must choose.


We must either choose God or by default, we choose ego and pain body.  


We can become a ghost at the feast of LIFE, or we can let the succulent nectar of our own Feminine longing and reclamation run down our opened, velvet throats. 

Feminine pain-body is our addiction to unhappiness and to misery. 


The Feminine loves to feel…and misery is a huge feeling ride for her system. 


This is a tricky trap… because on one hand, we must feel to heal… and yet, so much of the high-octane, sensational feeling tone can be unconscious, and sometimes even ancestral.  


When you remain tangled in the ancestral nets of the wounded Feminine line and your anger or frustration towards men and the Masculine (aka: trauma or grief trapped in cellular memory), your 'painbody' feeds on these archaic stories (even if they are 'factual').


And sadly, if you don’t interrupt the ride: 


It will rot you from the inside out. 


Your playful enchantment will grow cold and harden.

Your radiant beauty will sour. 


Your eyes – once bright like Spring – will become dull with half-heartedness. 


Your social posts and stories will become increasingly bitter. (I see this happen in real time… it is heart-breaking to witness.) 


Your painbody will engorge and grow to overshadow your radiance, innocence  and beauty. 

It may not always feel like it (Hello there, painbody distortion…), but
you truly have CHOICE.


You can choose the path of Feminine Eros and Reclamation. 


It is a path of Faith… and it is a path that paradoxically both honors and detonates your pain. 


It's a grief walk to the Truth of your heart.... and a tear-stained path to LOVE.




You can choose the path of addiction to your unhappiness, your ego, and your victimhood.


This is a path of resignation and aloneness –  pretending that you are better off without a man, whether you are married or single. 


It is a sorrow-filled walk inside a lie engineered to make us feel safe...


And it leads to bitterness, apathy, anorexic Eros, and loneliness.

You can choose the path of staying right where you are…. but I sadly promise you, these gardens will only ever remain gray. 

All For Love is a path back home to the Remembrance of your Deep Feminine and Devotional Love.

Here is my promise to you, Beauty:

…in All For Love, you will be in the company of other courageous, committed women who will support and encourage you toward experiencing the fullness of your Love and the eternal beauty of your Devotion.


…There are aspects within this journey that may feel edgy and confronting.


And yet, held within the center point of this journey are harmonics of deep joy, playfulness, beauty, and a return to the true nature of our eternal Feminine innocence.


…You will begin to peek into the blossoming gardens of feeling besotted in RESPECT & LOVE for Men + the Masculine.

…Your understanding of the BEAUTY and POTENCY of the co-creative principle of "the Masculine" will be transformed. (Wooooohooooo!) 


…Your heart and your Feminine Soul will be gently, fervently, devotionally opened to Love like you have never known before. (My FAVORITE thing in all the lands!)

image-gillian 2.jpg

More About Gillian

GILLIAN POTHIER, M.A.…is a writer and the founder of Feminine Eros,

a path and vehicle of Feminine Awakening.

After several years of what may be best described as a mystical thrashing, Gillian now rests in the soul truth of her devotion to the Masculine --

in order to best catalyze and serve the journey of Feminine Awakening.

Gillian is here to teach women how to understand, respect and love imperfect Mortal Men and the Cosmic Masculine so that they may create lusciously devotional yet highly functional partnerships with unapologetically Masculine men. 

Years of working with amazing, diverse clients from around the world confirm Gillian's belief that devotional love with a Masculine man is one of the innermost, eternal longings of the Feminine heart ~ and is also one of the most primordial access points to a woman's own Awakening journey.

Gillian's writing, podcasts, and live teaching transmissions are often deeply polarizing and activating experiences.

She holds a Masters Degree in Depth Psychology from the world-renowned Pacifica Graduate Institute. The archetypal lens of Jungian / Depth psychology, especially in relationship to Masculine and Feminine aspects of the psyche are a deep and beautiful influence on the way Gillian regards and meets the wholeness of the human Soul.

It is Gillian's joy and greatest service to humanity to mirror and awaken the deeply Feminine-Essenced Ones to their true nature as the quintessence of Devotion and Love.

Join Gillian on the All For Love ride of a lifetime

©2022 Gillian Pothier   |  Contact

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