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In the Goodness of Men's Hearts (again)

A FREE 4-Part Masterclass

with Gillian Pothier

Teacher of Devotional Love and the journey of Feminine Awakening

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Regularly $222

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HIM is a free 4 part ceremonial masterclass taught by Gillian Pothier for women who desire to deepen into the Remembrance of the eternal Goodness of Men's Hearts. 


Organically transform relationships with the men in your life (husbands, lovers, fathers, brothers, sons, business partners, bosses, friends…) 

Glimpse the depths of your Feminine Creational Power ~ more deeply respect, understand, appreciate, and trust men, maleness, and Masculinity

Recognize the RIGHTNESS, GOODNESS, and NOBILITY of Men and  "the Masculine" 

Fall in love with your nature as WOMAN (and his nature as MAN.)


Believing and Trusting in Men and Masculine Nature (from the most terrestrial to the Cosmic) is your BIRTHRIGHT....and it's also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


Come join Gillian  (and hundreds of other women on this path of Feminine Awakening) in this special experience where we will excavate your BELIEFS about men and the Masculine, and touch the mystical possibilities of TRUST in HIM (again). 

The Details!

📣  Shortly after you register, you will receive an email with links to the mini-course. 

💝  There is no cost to attend this…this is my gift to all women in my field.

🧚🏼‍♀️  You are welcome to share this registration page with your friends.


About Gillian

Gillian Pothier rode a romantic rollercoaster in her young adult years. Her relationships with men were often characterized by volatility, emotional drama, and eventual heartbreak. As a result, she learned the hard way what it takes to address the confusion and distortions, and receive the deeper truths of Masculine and Feminine nature and archetypes.


Through her writing, teaching, and Feminine mentorship, she helps women repair and co-create fulfilling lifelong bonds with the men in her life (husband, lover, father, son, brother, former husband, friend, colleague…).


Gillian studied literature and visual art at Bennington College before going on to obtain an MA in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her work centers on what becomes possible when we understand Masculine and Feminine nature and co-creation through the lens of psychology, beauty, fairytale, and Jungian archetypes.

Gillian Note

My personal WHY for creating HIM:

An immense part of my soul journey in this lifetime is to teach women how to understand, respect and love Men and the Masculine. 


On this dimension and on this planet, we happen to live in an embedded context with these wild, baffling, outrageous, gorgeous Beings called MEN. 

We N-N-N-NEED them.

And if we drop down one more layer of Truth, we actually wildly....secretly (sometimes obsessively, ahem Ladies...)  DESIRE....HIM.

His Love, His Seed, His Smell, His Multidimensional Penetration, His Strength, His Mastery, His Sex, His Protection, His Sight, His Genius.

 (Ouf…. I am feelin’ some type of way just writing all those words! )

But for so many women, they are stuck inside a heartbreaking double-bind:

She has internalized the cultural (and sometimes familial ...) narrative about men and about the Masculine, which simultaneously villanizes AND diminishes the very MASCULINITY that she is BUILT TO RECEIVE.

This exact spot is a state of great pain and disharmony for the Feminine heart – and I PROMISE YOU, it does not have to be this way. 

Come join us to explore the TRUTH of your beliefs about MEN, Masculine Nature, and Maleness. 


This has ZERO % to do with changing Men.



Believing and Trusting in Men and Masculine Nature (from the most terrestrial to the Cosmic) is your BIRTHRIGHT....and it is also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

With new eyes, we will see the goodness of men’s hearts (again).
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The frequency of HIM is big, elegant, electric

Archetypally, this is an emergent FEMININE journey held inside a magnificent High MASCULINE Frame. 
The Quintessence and Spiritual DNA of HIM: Faith, Father, Love Story, Feminine Devotion, Blindness, Forgiveness, Womb, Birthright, Resurrection.

The more I emptied "Gillian", the more deeply and ecstatically I was pressed into by HIM. 
Receiving HIM has blessed me one-thousand fold!

What the Ladies are saying


I was surprised to discover a deep double bind, perhaps even triple bind, I’ve been unconsciously operating inside of in relationship to men. I learned that men can’t do anything right, that they will never love me for who I am and that I must take care of them if I want their protection and/or care. 

I was listening while walking and later when I came home for some yin yoga, my body released a metric ton of grief around this bind I’ve been operating in and the seeing of how it’s birthed very confusing, distant connections that can’t do anything or go anywhere. Deeply grateful for this revelation.

~ Mia

As concerns my own feminine nature, I feel like I’ve been given full divine permission to recall and reanimate my beloved Maiden again. She isn’t foolish! Her dreams were sacred. Her hope and innocence and desire were (are) heartbreakingly, gorgeously lovely and earnest and moving. She was (is) never foolish. She is the river beneath the river, the regenerative current of my own Life Force. We never outgrow her. It’s not never “appropriate” to outgrow her. When we do, our Essential Self dies. She is the essence, the spark, of our fully-embodied Woman.

I left feeling very clearly that my “work” is to remember and call back my Maiden.

Thank you, Max and Gillian.

~ Amy

A sense of hope arises. A feeling and Knowing of the Rightness of my desire for a beautiful union with a Man who can hold my hand, who I can feel devotion with.
Hearing Max speak of how women grow in relationship unlocked an ‘allowing’ of that desire on a deep level. And also unlocked was my inner devotion to this soft animal here - this sweet feminine being who desires such a union. I feel so tender towards her. So devoted to HER opening and allowing of Him 🙏🏻🌹💞
~ Sophie


It was gold. Over and beyond what I was expecting. SO much value. I really do feel changed forever. This goes into my psyche as valuable and true.

~ Carina

HIM will realign you to what your heart truly desires in life.

I have experienced a big shift in my relationships with the Men in my family of origin — especially with my father and brothers. Recognizing the goodness of their hearts and dropping my projections has given me my family back. That has rippled out into every area of my life. I can receive more support, guidance, protection, and provision from all Men and the Masculine.

If your soul knows it’s time to reconstellate your relationships with Men, there is truly no better brief yet wildly transformation experience than HIM. No other “polarity” event comes close to this generous offering. The world would be a better place if all women took HIM.

Thank you, Gillian and Max, for creating such a beautiful and powerful mini-journey for us to renew our love, trust, and faith in Men and the Masculine. I feel like my heart has softened, and I can fully APPRECIATE and receive Masculine genius and attunement and love!

~ Leigh

I was surprised how much disrespect/undervaluing I was taught and it seemed be a big theme for most of the women on the call 😕 I’m glad we are talking about this, transforming and healing it! I feel a strong desire to honour and respect men/masculine 🌹

It’s been amazing to experience and soak in all the changes that have taken place within my system as I’ve processed and let many of these old toxic stories release and be replaced with reverence for the masculine.

~ Gloria

It IS possible to find my electromagnetic match and create a love story for the ages. I feel understood and seen when Gillian speaks.

~ Amanda

I discovered subtle shadow beliefs and patterns I hadn't caught before – the way you gently held us to face the shadow was so brilliant. 

I feel free from the distortion that I hold responsibility for a man, and now I can use all that liberated energy to tend to myself with more ease.

My FAVORITEST moment was the third story on Sunday about Max's response to your static-y-ness. It fine-tuned my attention to the energetics of a situation and expanded all the details my system needs to attune to in a given situation, to properly interpret what's happening and how to respond. Feeling the impulse to give my body the lead on so much more of that "interpretation" than I have ever before.

~ Katie

I shed SO many tears today, and I really didn’t expect to have so much sensation around this, having been in All For Love prior.

My magical little girl who was full of so much trust for the Father, who felt enveloped in his protection and adoration and loved the freedom found in existing inside his frame, was contacted after a loooooooong time of no contact.


When I write down what information “I was taught to believe about men” it crystallized the story I have been living with every man I ever been in relationship with and has empowered me to see more clearly between what’s mine and what’s his which has been previously murky and hard to individuate / separate and this helps me in my path of radical responsibility and has given me the clarity and language to do my best to clean up what has already been passed down to my daughter through me 🙏🙏🙏

~ Becki

I am truly in awe of you both. Gillian is poetry in motion to my soul. Congratulations on your beautiful sacred union.

~ Sabrina

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Gillian Pothier - Headshot.jpeg

FREE 4-Part Masterclass

with Gillian Pothier

Teacher of Devotional Love and the journey of Feminine Awakening

Regularly $222

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